The night before Easter

As I think about this evening, the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I cannot help but wonder how Peter felt. He was the one disciple of Jesus who deserted, denied and ultimately betrayed Him as well. He said he would follow him no matter what happened. But in the heat of the moment, he denied him and therefore, betrayed him. We often think of Judas as the betrayer, but Peter was one as well.

What was he thinking that Saturday night? It must have been so lonely. The tape of the past two days played over in his head over and over and over. Regret, disappointment, anger, sadness – all emotions he no-doubt felt. The emptiness of that night must have felt like an eternity. Perhaps he finally got it… He was a loser and was just fooling himself all this time. He could never be someone great for Jesus. These, and many other lies, flooded through his mind as the enemy had full control of his thoughts and fears.

Each of us have had Saturday nights like that. We have betrayed or been betrayed. The denial of a friend, parent, child, or whomever has left us all empty. Why go on? Why even try? What good could ever come of this situation?

For Peter, there were no easy answers that Saturday night just over 2000 years ago. Perhaps you feel the same way. This night brings with it such a feeling of despair and emptiness that causes the darkness to engulf you.

For Peter and for you – hang in there. Sunday is coming. The dawn of that Sunday morning witnessed the most powerful, glorious, freeing, hope-filled event of all eternity so far. Jesus Christ rose again and conquered all those feeling that Peter was having – that you are having.

The only thing left for Peter was to fall into that grace, that amazing love, that victory that Jesus offered him – and he did!

The only thing for you and I is to fall into that same grace, that amazing love, that victory that Jesus offers to each of us! Will you?


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