What is so great about Easter Sunday?

I wonder if God is tired of the form of Christianity and Christians that is rampant today. He sent his son Jesus to die for humanity that mankind might live in power and hope. He challenged his followers to go out and change the world. Yet, 2000 years later many who profess Christianity are more concerned with paying off their house, building up their retirement plan, and living in Christian ease. They are not motivated to make a difference in others, just themselves. They are too afraid to hold others accountable for their decisions and instead enable those who are bent on self-destruction. They make it easy for “fellow Christians” to continue in sin and hard for “the unsaved” to be forgiven of sin. Where is the power that we will all sing about on Easter Sunday? God sacrificed it all for us? Why is it so hard to sacrifice for him or others?

I want to be uncomfortable in my life. I want to hold nothing back in my relationship with God. I am tired of being around fake Christians who do not want to count the cost, or who have counted it and decided no thanks. I want to live my life so that I need that Easter Power, that Easter Victory, that Easter Hope. I fear that for too many Christians tomorrow all across this nation tomorrow will be just another Sunday.

I long for real authentic followers of Jesus Christ who are do not measure themselves by the status of what others think but who are ready to live dangerously reckless for The Kingdom!


About Chuck Holt

Husband, Father, Advocate

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